Your initial step is to have a good look at Facebook’s promotion guide and determine what you want to achieve clearly before jumping into it. Subsequently, you would develop plan on how to achieve your goal and be willing to embark on the required efforts towards achieving your goal. Ensure that you are always timely, then be as simple as possible. It also pays off well to promote on your other marketing platforms or channels.

For novices just entering Facebook platform : where should be your starting point?

This is very important for beginners on Facebook. Your first step is to create a Facebook Fan or Place Page. Ensure that you define your audience clearly to enable you structure the right content and grow an editorial library. Take advantage of content that your audience is likely to find interesting and valuable device a simple way to share the content and ultimately engage your audience.

How does a Place Page differ from a Fan Page?

For those who have a physical location where followers can check in, you can make it a Place Page, which can be mapped with a given address. For instance, if you run a concert show, a Place Page would be more suitable – the venue will be the address featured in the map.

What is the best approach to Facebook ads?

The key is to use keywords associated with your business and add images as well in all, ensure that you make the entire ad engaging, fun as well as creative.

Facebook Like – What way can a visitor translate to a client or customer?

The best way to engage visitors consistently and substantially is to initiate techniques to integrate events, polls and notes into your business marketing. When you embark on meaningful posting, comments, and also liking, you are working towards engaging your audience and ultimately converting them to customers. The Like Button has been made more robust to help you send traffic to your link posts and stats. Events are also helpful in driving traffic back to your blogs.

Who can I learn from?

These are known to be leveraging Facebook power substantially – Starbucks, AT&T, Dunkin Donuts and a few others. They are well ranked when it comes to speed and harvesting their content to those who need it.

What is the technique for making content visible on Facebook?

Newsfeed of course!

You can rank high for top and recent news. Embark on publishing multiple valuable content, and come up with a means of letting users contribute by responding with question or photo posting. Embark on activities that inspire interaction as well.

Finally, it does not require any technological skills to create satisfactory welcome pages, you can take advantage of some free apps out there. Also, get familiar with Facebook Insights and how you can use it to control metrics and tracking.